BBQ Grill Cleaning & Maintenance

Maintaining a clean and healthy grill is vital if you love to grill. Therefore, we suggest deep cleaning your grill and all grill parts at least once a year, or more if you grill often. Learn about our BBQ grill cleaning & maintenance services.

What is White Glove Grill Cleaning?

Designed to provide impressive results, our white glove two-appointment process, starts with an assessment of your grill's condition. Then, all removable grill parts are carefully disassembled and taken to our warehouse for a detailed hand-cleaning. This off-site process allows us to thoroughly clean without inconveniencing you. Lastly, on our second appointment, we finish cleaning, reassemble, and professionally polish your grill. Our BBQ grill cleaning maintenance includes the following:

Disassembly of removable parts for off-site detailing

Deep clean grill interior & exterior

Remove harmful build-up from drip pan & ceramic briquettes

Re-assemble parts & professionally polish grill surfaces

BBQ Grill Cleaning Services

A grill is an investment worth preserving. That's why we're proud to provide professional services that will extend the life of your grill and outdoor kitchen surfaces. Explore our a la carte cleaning, maintenance, and repair services below to keep your investment in top condition.

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