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Barbecue Grill Uneven Cooking


Most often, the biggest culprit to an uneven cooking surface is directly from the grill burners. Barbecue grill burners have multiple holes or ports to create an even distribution of heat. This heat radiates up to the cooking grids where the food is placed. Over time and use these ports will slowly shrink in size due to grease, food debris and mainly rusting. Attention needs to be given to keep these ports clear to insure proper and even cooking of your food.

To keep the ports clear is relatively simple to do. A small metal pick is useful to clear out the ports. A stiff wire brush will also help clear out debris, followed with a good rinse to wash away any small particles. If the burners ports are closing up from rust, a drill and small drill bits can reopen them up for proper gas flow.

Most barbecue grill manufacturers carry a lifetime warranty for the burners. Typically reserved for the original registered owners. If your grill is ever replaced, register your warranty within 30 days. Grill repair service BBQ grill repair, gas grill repair near me.