Stainless Does Rust – Barbecue Grill Rusting

A grill that has been burned and is open.

</p> On the average, the most common comment we hear is stainless steel cannot rust. Stainless is actually a more “rust resistant” metal, but when exposed to high temperatures over periods of time from use. This will cause the chromium to rise to the surface and forms chromium carbides or a “burn off” of the chromium…

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Barbecue Grill Uneven Cooking

A bunch of pipes that are in the dirt.

</p> Most often, the biggest culprit to an uneven cooking surface is directly from the grill burners. Barbecue grill burners have multiple holes or ports to create an even distribution of heat. This heat radiates up to the cooking grids where the food is placed. Over time and use these ports will slowly shrink in…

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Sarasota Magazine Featured The Grill Cleaning Company 2017

A screenshot of the article on how to clean your grill.

</p> After a quick 3 years in professionally cleaning grills for clients living in Sarasota and Manatee counties of Florida, we received a call for an estimate in Osprey, Florida in 2017. The client was actually a journalist writer David Hackett for Sarasota Magazine and while he may needed to have his grill cleaned, our niche…

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