Delivering the Most Reliable Cleaning Services for Your Grill

At Grill Cleaning Company, we provide professional grill cleaning services to ensure you enjoy a healthy grilling experience. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean grill, especially for those who enjoy grilling as part of their lifestyle. We recommend a deep cleaning of all grill components at least once a year or more for frequent grillers.

Our Cleaning Service Options:

Grill full detailing, parts or replacement.

Deep cleaning of exterior vent hoods.

Grease & soot removal grill backsplash

Surface rust removal, polishing of stainless steel cabinetry & appliances.

Grill licensed gas leak inspections & evaluations.

Why is a Clean Grill Important?

Food debris and grease can accumulate under your grill cooking grates, impacting the taste and health of your food. A clean grill gives better performance, even cooking temps, reduces the risk of flare-ups or fires. Additionally, periodic grill use can attract unwanted pests like roaches and rats. Therefore, we highly suggest inspecting your grill if it has been inactive for an extended period.

How Much Does Grill Cleaning Cost?

The price of our professional BBQ cleaning is determined by the age, condition, and size of your grill, and whether it has been previously cleaned or repaired professionally. Our starting price for grill cleaning is $269 average cost $289-$325, with additional charges for any necessary add-ons to ensure your outdoor kitchen is thoroughly cleaned and functioning at its best.

Different Types of Grills We Service

A traditional grill with three burners, used regularly without extreme heat or grease fires, generally costs around $299.

Grill Cleaning Company • Pedestal Gas Grill Cleaning
  • Pedestal Grill Cleaning

    Pricing starts from $249

Grill Cleaning Company • Outdoor Kitchen Built-In Grill Cleaning
  • Built-in Grill Cleaning

    Pricing starts from $289

Grill Cleaning Company • Cart Gas Grill Cleaning
  • Cart Grill Cleaning

    Pricing starts from $299


Grill Hood Vent Cleaning

In addition to grills, we also offer residential ventilation exhaust hood cleaning services for your outdoor kitchen. This includes cleaning hood components, and degreasing all accessible stainless panels inside the hood, and exterior vent cleaning. In order to protect the delicate components of your grill vent, we do not remove or clean motors. Pricing varies based on the size and condition of your unit.

Our Commitment

Grill Cleaning Company is dedicated to upholding top standards of cleanliness for your grill. We recognize the important role your grill plays in your outdoor experience and strive to keep it in optimal condition. Whether you require a thorough grill cleaning or just routine maintenance, we're here to assist you. Get in touch with us today for all your grill cleaning and repair requirements.